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Our latest bathroom remodel in East Cobb County, GA.

On he day of my birth I'm happy to write about our latest bathroom remodel for Mr. Patrick and family in Cobb County, GA. This one was a nightmare when we arrived. The shower was your typical builder grade shower that was leaking for some time, destroying this house. It had tile installed on sheet rock with absolutely no water proofing. It's amazing what builders are allowed to get away with. We tore out this bathroom finding a moldy nightmare and we proceeded to assess and repair the damage.

The most amazing part of this shower was that we were able to save the newly installed glass doors that were on the old shower and reuse them on the new shower. This speaks to Jason's skill in planning and layout. With the utilization of our hard earned skills we were able to save the customer $2,000. Well done, Jason!

This is a full Schluter Systems shower with a ten year warranty. We used Paneria porcelain tile from TIlehouse in Marietta (thankyou Charlie and Cindy) We handled the installation of a new tub and plumbing fixtures with our plumber Matt. No painting was required in this space. Full silicone caulking was used as well as Custom's Prism grout. I made a video about the removable MagnaPanel tub front we installed for access to plumbing in the future if needed.

This remodel went very smoothly because we were able to manage this job and use our well developed system which has us consistently  producing high end finish products. This customer was able to experience our "full service" tile job.  I thank you Patrick for having us and I hope you enjoy your new bathroom.

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