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A talk about caulk.

Caulking is going to be the last part of a kitchen or bath project and it often gets neglected as an afterthought. There are a few different kinds...Most installers will go with what is cheapest and easiest to install, a latex caulk. That's not what we're all about. We're not looking for cheap or easy. Again, we're looking for longevity, so we use a 100% silicone caulking. "Siliconized"  is not the same as silicone. Most places sell latex caulking and you really have to know what your looking for to find a truly high performing, long lasting silicone caulk. Mapesil is one kind we use. It is color match if you buy Flexcolor single component grout. Silicone won't discolor as easily as latex, it will last 3x longer on average. So why are most people using regular old latex ie. Dap, Custom color fast or polyblend? That's because, in my opinion, those kinds are easier to use, readily available (@ Home depot) and heavily marketed. A rule of thumb for me is if you can buy it at Home Depot, it is not PROFESSIONAL GRADE. Now 100% silicone requires a professional touch. I dare you to smear around a silicone caulk with your finger like you would with a latex....You'll have such a mess on your hands and your project you'll never try a home improvement project again. We go out of our way and above and beyond the market labor standards to install a much higher grade product which is in your best interest as a home owner to have. In closing, when you're meeting with contractors...ask them..."what kind of caulking will you be using?" seems like an obscure question, but at the end of the day, this is a small detail that will affect the overall outcome of your remodel and also how long the finished project will look great. This is another reason you pay us a little more. We're putting in the extra time and effort to make sure you get the best.

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