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Remodel in Decatur

Been working in Decatur this week putting together a bathroom and kitchen. Helping our tile guy friend Cain who's under the gun. 'Quick, hurry! The renter's coming back in a week!' But as the demolition is happening more and more rot is being found. So the first half of the week is fixing rot, and the latter part was putting it all back together. Had to 'mud' a bathroom floor. (Yes, we do that) 'Mudding' is a process where you use sand mix to build up and level a floor. Definitely a dying art form but when you're working on homes built prior to 1970 it's a necessary skill to know. Job was really a nightmare in hindsight. You can probably tell from the photo below. Small house, with three different crews working at the same time all week. Not my cup of tea. In a perfect world we get to manage the job site and items get done in steps. Each crew (painters, elec, plumbing)  has a designated amount of time to finish their part. In my view when things are rushed, yes the project gets done...but not as well. The quality takes a hit when everyone is working on top of each other. What you see on HGTV or DIY network is not how things go.  Really makes you appreciate good leadership. There's a word that is under utilized in the construction industry..."leadership." I digress. A topic for another blog post. Ok, Have a great weekend. Over and out.

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