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Cleaning your new shower.

Before we leave a job, we always advise our customer on cleaning their new shower. Now, to go roaring in there with a 'Clorox' or a 'Mr. Clean' would be a BIG mistake. You want to use a PH neutral cleaner. Avoid cleaners with chlorides. All cleaners should be free of hydro chloric and hydro fluoric acid. Basically, the heavy duty cleaners will corrode your brand new shower. I see this at the Lifetime Fitness I go to. All natural stone showers, corroded to the max. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Be sure to tell your cleaning people because often times they do not know any better. Here's a nice PH neutral cleaner you can get right at Home Depot:


A little 'tip of the day' to help you avoid unnecessary damage to your property.

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