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Morning all. I'm okay with saying the website is a work in progress. I suppose the major hang up in sales and marketing for our business is the fact that Jason and I actually spend a majority of our time installing and finishing home improvement projects. Both of us have lives. Jason's a father of two, I like to exercise, hike, LIVE. I feel as if the compilation of photos on our site shows a mastery in our trade, and that is what we're going for. Now, in speaking with a potential customer yesterday I began to think if this website would actually answer the questions she was asking me. Unfortunately, the answer was no. A lot of the questions are about cost. The cost of any project has so many variables it would be nearly impossible to convey on a page but I'm going to make an effort anyway in hopes of weeding out some of the 'price shopper' calls. We regularly use our time to go on calls that we have no chance of getting because peoples expectation of cost is so far from our reality. So I'm going to start putting together and FAQ section and I encourage anyone (Jason) who sees this blog to post any questions they feel would be helpful. I suppose the key is to devise some good general questions about what to expect during a tile project. So I'm going to start noting some good questions I hear in the field and hopefully the FAQ page won't be lame.

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