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Just a wee floor.

One of our recent projects is this floor. Floor and Décor porcelain 12x24" tile ...Made in the USA...(thumbs up)  We used Ardex Fl Grout. Ardex X5 thinset is our new main squeeze, dries HARD with no slake time...."slake time" you ask? a talk for another blog. We ground glue off this floor. STICKY glue. (another service we provide) We applied crack suppressant. Every one of these tiles was back buttered and we installed four expansion joints. Our competition said the previous two steps were not necessary. (We investigate these things when allowed) Schluter A-125 thresholds in a couple of the doors. The A-125 is a ramp that transitions to linoleum. (or any lower service) Really is a nice little detail. Another great example of a "full service" tile job you can expect from Hamilton Tile. Located in Kennesaw, GA and hopefully we can get the homeowner to write a review for our website...(my new mission...."review section" should help) A few pictures of a lifetime floor.

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