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Backsplash Johns Creek

This is  a backsplash we did in Johns Creek. This one included the tear out and we went back with Kerdi board which is waterproof and most importantly dust free. It is also easier for us to use. The most important thing though, is using Kerdi Board compared to sheetrock is an UPGRADE. This stone had some problems in quality and I added some photos of the quality issues too. Different thicknesses, different lengths and sizes. Makes it much harder for the installer...but you know what, we regularly overcome this stuff. I just caution you, If you're buying tile, check the quality because it makes a difference. We also upgraded by using FULL SILICONE caulking for the junction of the Back splash and the counter, and Custom's Prism grout  with Ardex X4 thinset. The above details are not industry standard. The people we did this for were super nice and obviously value the right things in life... So kudos to them and we are off to do some more tile!

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