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Latest master bath prep stage 3

At this point in the process we're getting ready to water proof our shower. We have a custom pan packed and all our Kerdi board up. An important step here is re-securing our subfloor and I want to draw attention to this detail. Now most of your homes are built to minimum standards. This one is no different. To secure the floor the original "builder" used regular old 8Dcommon nails, not ring shank nails or screws, just the cheapest building material they could find. All those squeaks and lifted tile, cracked grout, etc in your home....that's because hundreds of small details were skipped in the building process. When we do a floor we're going to secure your floor with hundreds of high quality screws before any prep is done or tile is set. This seems like common sense, but it is uncommon in the industry. We're also going to GRIND your floor to have the cleanest substrate possible! We spend a ton of time on prep and I assure you, it is not wasted time.

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