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LevTec leveling system.

This week we've been experimenting with the LevTec leveling system on a large format flooring job. We've decided to give it an A+ rating for a couple of reasons. For starters they are much more cost effective then the Tuscan or MLT system. Most other systems are just far to expensive for what you get.  The straps are also a lot stronger so you can tighten them down more. They also act as an 1/8" spacer so it takes away the need for spacers.

The only downfalls I can think of is they wouldn't be good for natural stone because they may scratch the stone. As you tighten the wedge, if you have any thin set under the wedge it would hurt the finish of the stone. Also, you need two different guns to tighten the wedge, one for walls and one for floors. Overall a great system though..! Low cost and highly effective. This is a great example of how we are constantly refining our process in order to provide you with a better tile installation. I hope everyone is doing well!

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