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A great PH NEUTRAL cleaner recommended by a tile guy.

You just bought yourself a new tile shower, don't ruin it by cleaning it with an acidic cleaner! Acidic cleaner will eat your grout and etch your tile. Using a regular cleaning product (Clorox, bleach, vinegar, etc.) will ultimately DESTROY your shower!

This PH neutral product will keep your shower from getting damaged by acidic cleaners.

We trust German engineering having built with Schluter Systems for years. This PH neutral cleaner is also a German product that is now available in the U.S.A. This tile guy highly recommends it. My recent client called me today specifically thanking me for recommending this product so I thought I would endorse it on my site. It is also a guilt free vegan and Green product. Can't go wrong. Give it a try and be sure to give it to the cleaning lady too, if you have one!