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A Hamilton Tile update.

Here I am and it has been almost a month since my last post. I honestly prefer to post more often and keep you all up to date but life comes at you fast, does it not? We've been busy at work remodeling Mickey and Vivien's basement. We've done a bunch of work in their house and they always choose expensive material and they always get extra classy, high level craftsmanship. We had two backsplashes there, 700sqft of large format, a stand up shower, a tub surround and an accent wall. That's been January and a bit into February. Hoping for some finish pictures in a month or so!

In between all that we've done a couple tub surrounds and back splashes for creating-space.netI really encourage you to get on our Instagram because I am very active on there. It's a great platform because of the ease in which I can post one minute videos and pictures. I also pick up a ton of inspiration from other high end tile people throughout the world and that has been an unexpected surprise from joining that website.

On top of all that work we've been busy with consultations. My whole purpose in doing this website and picking up the phone and giving people my expertise is to raise the quality and the expectations of tile installers in our immediate area. It is my firm belief that if I give you the information you will use it wisely and save yourself from a lot of hassle. I want you armed with knowledge when you go into a negotiation with contractors. Even if you don't hire us you'll at least have an idea of what to look for.

We have also booked our first job off of a Google search. As an amateur website builder there is no greater rush then to actually get my message across and booking a job that we wouldn't have had otherwise. It's been quite a journey figuring out SEO (search engine optimization) but apparently I'm pretty good at it!  Generally speaking I understand most people don't really care about the intricacies of this field, but when someone calls me and says they've looked over my website and they want to meet, I tend to rush out to their house because those are the type of people I want to work for....People that care.

So if you're searching for a tile installer, I know there are countless people you could hire...Heck, they'll probably be cheaper than us. If cheap is what you're looking for go right ahead and hire them. Before you do...Please give me the opportunity to speak with you and explain to you what we can provide that's different. Give me the opportunity to speak to you about tile work that is smooth to the touch and not just shiny to the eye. Give me a chance to talk with you about how important installation practices and techniques are to the longevity of your tile project. Give me a chance to show the difference between a tile curmudgeon and a production worker...People who ask themselves, "would I pay for this?"

Below I've posted a few pictures of some projects we've been working on.... This month we're starting another basement with some pretty serious custom tile work...Linear drains, free standing tubs...large format tile. You can keep up to date with us on our Instagram accounts...I'm constantly posting pictures of the building process!


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