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How we get a flush inset band.

In the short video below I explain how to mount a flush inset band. Usually the mosaic is thinner than the outside tile so you have to build out your band. You may be asking..."Can't you use more thin set?" The answer would be 'NO' because the mosaic comes on a webbing and if you put too much thin set in the space during installation it will push through the tile and make it impossible to grout. That's why we mount the mosaic on Kerdi fabric, so the extra thin set will not come through. I failed to explain this fact in the video. I'm working alone here so I had to do my own camera work so it may be a bit shaky. Not as if the camera work is better in our other videos :P I've been contemplating a GoPro so these things may get considerably better. Jason, give me some money would you?!

Enjoy the video.

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