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Grout does not fix poor tile work.

Contrary to popular belief adding grout will not 'fix' a bad tile job. Grout will not mask poor cutting or measuring. I've worked with tile setters in the past who will mutter under their breath "Grout will fix that" That is the attitude of a lazy person. When you are hiring a tile person you need to ask yourself if you think the man you are looking at will have the principle to pull a tile off the wall that is covered in thin set, rinse it off a try again if said tile has a chip or the cut is off. From my experience not everyone will. There is a difference between a true finish guy and the laborer class that will lie to themselves and say 'good enough.' A good analogy would be the difference between a basic framer and a true finish carpenter. The two trades are completely different skill sets and require a different attitude that not everyone has. How about this, the difference between a breakfast line cook at Waffle House and a Chef at a swanky down town Atlanta Restaurant.

When we do our work, we get all our cuts perfect before we grout. We get all our lines straight and continuous so when the grout goes in and when everything is caulked, our project is perfect. Keep your eyes open in any bathroom you enter, Wal Marts and Commercial spaces are notorious....look for any inconsistencies and you will more fully understand what I mean.

Here we have a before and after. Notice around the inset box for example....everything lines up, then when you add grout you get perfection.

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