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Learn about Kerdi fabric by Schluter Systems on drywall.

The below installation video is put out by Schluter Systems and of course in the YouTube comment section you get commentators that say "you never tile to drywall." The Schluter rep leaves a comment citing building code ASTM C1396/C1396M which says that drywall is an acceptable substrate if you apply a water proofing membrane...."but, but...it's not how my uncle taught me to do tile in 1983!" I assume that is the inner monologue of the indignant tile installer...the same tile installer who thinks cement board is water proof. (it's not!)

We hear this objection regularly from people who presumably don't even know ASTM standards exist. We just acknowledge that there are engineers who are far smarter than us who standardize the industry. This is part of the arrogance I see in the tile industry...People who won't adapt to current building procedures because "it just doesn't feel right..." To me what doesn't feel right is dealing with the dust, grit and potential damage associated with cement board.  Can you teach an old dog new tricks? It's amazing to me that more people don't jump on the Schluter wagon...a 10 year factory warranty isn't enough?! Training, awards, success stories and when you crunch the numbers it is no more expensive than traditional methods! Not to mention the improvement of the installers health and wellness due to their products ease of use...Leave it to the Germans!

Traditionally we only use Kerdi fabric on drywall in our basement bathroom remodels for Creating-space.net because that method has been deemed by the powers that be (not us) as the most efficient. Our private customers get Kerdi board instead because we like to be able to shim, plum and customize our own framing. In a perfect world we can manage our own framing and not leave the flatness of our walls to the lowest common denominator (sheet rockers) When we put up Kerdi board we also don't have to deal with buildup of sheet rock mud in our corners which is always a problem in our basement remodel jobs. There are many jobs every year when we have to take down all the sheet rock that is finished because it is not acceptable for tile. Hopefully at some point we can prove the cost savings of allowing us to install Kerdi board from the start. Of course it is your prerogative to request this is done in your next basement remodel if you are convinced by this blog post. We are always working on improvements to the process in order to provide a better finished product for every home owner we come in contact with.

The bottom line is every basement bathroom we do is superior to the builder grade bathrooms throughout the rest of the house. Having a conscientious, thorough tile installation as well as a water proof Schluter systems shower makes our jobs far superior to a 'minimum standard' builder grade space. The amount of extra awareness Hamilton Tile brings to the table makes for a finished product that will last the lifetime of your home. We are the least expensive tile install because you will only have to do your project once.

Thanks for reading! Give the video a watch for a better understanding of how Kerdi membrane works.



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