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The best bathroom remodel in Woodstock, GA.

We start with a before and after of our latest bathroom in Woodstock, GA. This was a tub to shower transfer and it's a full Schluter Systems shower built with 12x12 Paneria Soft tile from Tilehouse of Marietta. We edged it all with Quadec Brushed nickel profiles to match the drain and trim kits. The plywood floor was screwed down with high quality screws and ground down to take off all previous finishes. I custom packed this shower pan and used Ditra uncoupling mat on the outside floor for underlayment.


In this pre grout photo notice...FULL pieces inside the inset box. Notice the layout...The box starts and ends perfectly on full tile. Notice the decorative inset band, smooth to the touch....not just flashy to the eye!

A grouted version. We used Mapei's Flex Color grout which is the highest quality grout available. I encourage you to click on the link and read the features of this grout. Ask your tile installer if they will be installing a high quality grout.

Where the walls meet the pan, where the floor meets the curb, the corners of the shower and the corners of the wainscoting, around the bench....I installed soft joints using Mapei's Mapesil FULL SILICONE caulking.  Many companies will save time and money by using a cheap latex caulk, that doesn't last and doesn't perform half as well as a full silicone. We are playing the long game. We are going for longevity! Using this caulking adds an extra trip to the job because everything has to be dry and clean....but to us it is worth it because we are able to provide a superior finished product.

Dealing with glass mosaics takes a fastidious hand! The glass gets it's color from a paper backing. While cutting the glass, if the installer does it incorrectly, you will be able to see irregularity in the paper backing along the cut. We are experts at dealing with glass....Not only did I achieve a perfect cut (as you can see...It's ZOOMABLE) I also sanded down the edges so you don't get that jagged look.

Schluter makes a superior drain! Not only the installation design, but also the esthetics!  When you use Hamilton Tile, you get a drain like this....standard.

Our corner benches are open bottom made with 2" structural Kerdi Board. There are no penetrations in our waterproofing! We constantly see traditionally built showers leaking around the corner bench!



Here is a walk through video of this bathroom. My client put a lot of sweat equity into this bathroom. He did his own tear out and plumbing and ended up saving thousands! If you want to save some money and have some skills, we are willing to work with you! I really enjoyed this job. Truly transformed this space. For a bathroom like this in your home, call us today!

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