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Repeat customers and referals VS. new customers.

Have you ever been out to eat and said to yourself, "The place wasn't bad, but I wouldn't go there again."?

If you have you're not the only one. I've said that to myself a few times. That situation is even worse when you're dealing with something permanent like a bathroom remodel.

"The company that did my bathroom was good, but I wouldn't hire them again."

We hear this response very often when we're out in the field. Nothing worse than being sold a product or service and not being satisfied. When you're trying to update your entire house you have multiple bathrooms to get done,  so finding the right company to do a high quality, consistent job can be tricky.

My claims on this blog and my website are not unfounded propaganda to take in new customers, send them down the road and move on to the next.

Our number one goal after your first bathroom is to do the other two in your house...maybe do the backsplash, the entry room floor and also the fireplace. New customers are hard to get, but repeat customers are far easier for us!

My claims of consistency and happy clients is backed up by our track record...Let me elaborate:

Our last month of jobs were all in the same house and we earned those jobs by completing the basement bathroom through Creatingspace.com. The stellar review from that client is posted prominently on this blog for proof. The master bath we recently finished (today) was also earned by completing a wonderful basement bathroom and a 1000sqft floor. So our last couple months of work were all because of extremely satisfied customers who sent more work our way. Not to mention the work for creatingspace.com, who we have been working with for over 6 years.

I'm also working on another master for Mary and David right now,  I finished their hall bath a couple months ago. Their five star review is posted on our Google Profile.

One of our future jobs is a funny story. I received a call from a man that wanted some work done in his home and I almost passed on the job. I was already giving him other tile guy's numbers to call and the voice inside me said "this sounds like someone we want to work for" so I passed the man's number along to Jason. We scheduled an appointment and while looking at the job the potential client pulled out a picture of a shower and said..."I want one like that." I took a look at the picture and said..."I built that!" The photo was a picture of a shower that I had built in the gentlemen's daughters home, where we built five showers, a fireplace, a floor and before that we did all the work in there previous home. Pictures of that work is scattered across this platform. The daughter didn't pass our number along because she said we were too busy, which is true, but fate was too strong and brought us together! A very small world and when I say on this blog that we are the tile guy's you keep around...I am not tooting my own horn! Needless to say we'll be doing multiple projects in the home.


Consistent, meticulous, detail oriented, service driven tile engineers. That's who we are.

I'd love to book every tile job, but I can't. Not every job is a good fit for us. The reason our projects are consistent is because we have a system that we do not deviate from. Principles are what separates a great builder from a mid level one. Hands on participation and strong character is what separates us from the basics...Attention to detail and a meticulous mindset is what separates our projects from the builder grade, minimum standard blow out special. Consistency in execution is why people wait months for us to do their work.

Every job is an audition and a brand building opportunity.

We all want social proof to justify our decision making, so I've been putting in extra time pursuing reviews. We must be doing something right though, with all these repeat customers. It's not just words and slogans, it's happening. Those are the best customers because we know they value us and what we do.

In closing an update on my blog...because of all my efforts I've been getting many blog views from some far away places! Thank you to my Canadian viewers and my readers from the UK. Truly appreciate you. A couple days ago I received a view from what I thought was my most distant place...RUSSIA, but today it was beaten by a visitor from Singapore! Very cool for a tile guy  that larps as a blogger. Thank you so much!  The internet really is a new frontier... I'm working away here in Georgia, USA hopefully spit shining the reputation of the American construction worker...I mean 'TILE ENGINEER'!

Over and out!