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Our latest tile tub surround in Woodstock, GA.

Here we are again, going above industry standards to create a product that combines Looks, Longevity, and Functionality.  With all our projects we make it a point never to cut a corner. NOT ONE. Why you ask? We're not in this business for short term gain.

"There's hardly anything in this world that a man can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper & the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey" - John Ruskin

With every job we are lucky enough to perform, we use methods that have been tested to ensure a lifetime installation and a product our clients will be happy with forever. That's what tile is...A forever product. That is, if it is installed correctly. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can make tile LOOK decent, but to have something that will last the lifetime of your home (the whole POINT of tile) you need a conscientious, meticulous, intelligent installer that cares about the rule book.

On this bathroom remodel, we water proofed the inside of the tub surround, which isn't actually required and most tile guys don't, but we go the extra mile. Will your contractor? We back buttered every tile to ensure complete coverage and support and to also ensure there will be no cracked or moving tile five years down the road. We used high end thin set and high end grout. Our inset decorative band is flush with the outside tile. We used updated Kerdi Profiles for edging so this bathroom will look current 20 years from now instead of dated bull nose. We honored expansion joints in the concrete accord to standards in the ANSI manual. We used full silicone caulk inside the shower at all plane changes (corners, tub to tile) which is highly uncommon in the trade. Silicone, because latex caulk is NOT RATED for a wet area. Is your contractor doing that? Finally, we brought the tile all the way to the ceiling instead of doing what most do and ending the tile a foot below the ceiling to save $25 dollars. 

This is a group of about ten details which make this a superior tile job. Details in general is what differentiates a great job from a so/so job. Ten details ignored makes for a project that will give you as a homeowner a problem.

Look at your contractor and ask yourself, Is this a man (or woman) who will perform the extra step for me?



Jason, the fearless leader, displaying a beautiful back splash in the same basement wearing our HamiltonTileGA.com shirts. Fresh from the press!


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