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Our latest finished tile bathrooms around the Atlanta area.

We've been very busy lately with our builder, Todd, from Creatingspace.com. There is no doubt we are finishers, taking these projects from ideas to reality. Todd generally coordinates his trades people (Hamilton Tile handling the tile) and we all collectively turn them to master pieces.


This tub surround is an interesting piece in Sandy Springs, GA. I like this one because it takes a traditional subway tile, but instead of white, they decided to go with gray. The floor in this area are 12"x24" porcelain tile. Looks a lot like natural stone though, doesn't it? That's the beauty...the look of natural stone...without the maintenance!


This full tile shower in Sandy Springs, GA was a very interesting project. It has traditional slate tile on the floor, which isn't my favorite to work with...actually I despise it because of the different thickness, sizes and variation in the tile, but let's face it....I'm not paid for my opinion. Let me say this...When you're a person like me who goes for flat, and smooth to the touch when installing tile....a slate project makes for a frustrating day.

Inside the shower was a 4"x4" white subway brick set with kerdi bar edging. They added a corner bench and Fusion pro single component grout for a maintenance free install. Only an interior designer could come up with a combination like this! Visit her website at www.heatherfulkersoninteriors.com.


This tile tub surround is in Johns Creek, GA and these folks were going all out renovating the inside and outside of their home. Simple subway tile tub surround.  All the way to the ceiling with the tile to show we are serious.


This tile tub surround was located in Milton, GA. I really enjoyed installing this Arabesque floor and I was very happy with how it turned out. This tile was purchased from Floor and Décor which can be hit or miss, but the arabesque tile was packaged so meticulously, it was a breeze to install. A word about mosaics, the storage and shipping of this type of tile is of the utmost importance. Having it stored flat, and packaged securely (temperature controlled) makes it so the tile (which is glued to a mesh) does not get distorted which makes the sheets impossible to fit together with consistent grout lines. This stuff was packed on cardboard and wrapped in plastic and it even had directions and manufacturer information on the package. This is outside the character of floor and décor, but I like it!

Simple 3"x6" tile on the walls...again up to the ceiling to signal saving $20 isn't more important than producing a high end finished product.


Finally this natural stone center piece in Roswell, GA. This one was a designer piece with Hexagon tiles on the floor. I went off a drawing on this one and brought it in for the win. We have a natural stone on the walls brick set as well. A little bit more money put into this install but a stone product really screams wealth, prosperity and most importantly longevity.

The difference between the service we provide our builder and the next guy:

  1. Extensive consultation with the customer and a developed system to get them what they want.
  2. High quality products. A WATERPROOF membrane utilized on all these projects, which will prevent mold, mildew and leaks.  100% silicone caulking used on all surface plane changes. We're not just shoving grout in between the tub and the tile and calling it good so the customer gets to replace it 1 year down the road. We're not using a cheap latex caulking that will shrink and crack. We're using a lasting product. Upgraded grouts and thin sets. We're not using the cheapest stuff on the planet to make an extra $2.
  3. 20+ years of experience and use of the HANDBOOK METHOD, even for a builder! Todd, our builder, doesn't determine how we build our projects. Neither does the customer. We do things the right way according to TCNA and ANSI standards so these projects will last the lifetime of the home and be the best bathrooms in the house. THAT'S why people hire us.
  4. Go ahead and go on YELP! and read the reviews of Green Remodeling a competitor in the market. Done? Good.  Now that you have an appreciation for the industry standard...here's what makes us far above standard: We show up,  we're consistent with quality and craftsmanship, we pick up the phone, we're meticulous and treat the customers home like our own, we're honest and up front with what to expect...We have an extras sheet so people know about extra costs. This website is designed so our builder's clients know who we are and what we're about and can have confidence in us. Our "about us" section with my face and Jason's face....THAT'S who does THE WORK! Licensed, Insured, workmen's comp, tax paying, US citizen, educated (Trade school, CTI certification), family men. I always tell people...We want you to be proud of your new tile work...but as a tradesman I want to be proud of the tile work as well. We all know the production worker type that comes in and just pounds it out to get it done. That is not us. Yes, this is a builder account...but we strive to give him and his customers the same treatment we would give our private customers.

Be Sure to check out Todd's review of us on Google by clicking....HERE.

Visit Todd at Creatingspace.com

And if you are a builder who is sick of being jerked around by amateurs and hacks and you're looking to move to a specialist....Give us a call today.