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An East Cobb bathroom remodel coming together for the finish.

This is a wonderful job filled with natural stone tile work in East Cobb, GA. My client Anne was certainly a design centered client who wanted a high end finished product. Again, a homeowner who was cautious about who she hired due to a history of backwards, basic, minimum standard workers who would leave her high and dry with a finished product she didn't love. So, Hamilton Tile came in and gave her what she deserved and left her feeling like she made the right decision.

We start with the guest bath floor which was a real gem. There was an extreme amount of prep to get this floor flat enough for a large format tile. It dropped two feet in front of the tub by as much as a 1/2". What a caddy wampus setup! Again, workers during new construction casting aside all the rules and putting something together that workers in the future would curse them for! (under my breath of course)

We went in with a 12x24 natural stone tile, 1/3rd offset with a small grout joint. With tile trim around the perimeter. We used silicone to caulk all of the plane changes, (wall to floor, tub to floor) and a high grade Prizm grout. (oyster grey.) We went ahead and sealed it for good measure! Of course there is carpet in the other room, so an important factor with a tile install is, will your tile installer unite the carpet with the new tile? It's an important question to ask because not all tile installers will. It requires that we put on our carpet guy hat, bust out the carpet kicker, carpet trimmer and tack strip and go to town. It's all about the details and putting the carpet back together is what we mean when we say "full service."




After I had completed the floor, Anne alerted me that I did a great job by offering me another job in the same bathroom. She wanted some artisan tile work done around the mirror. This job was a bit more complex because it required extensive consultation and planning. This part of a tile job is what we pride ourselves on. The fact that you can sit down with us,  tell us what you want and we can verbalize the pros and cons and what to watch out for is invaluable. We decided how the artisan tile would install around the mirror, discussed the positioning of the mirror, managed expectations, laid everything out and after the mirror was installed we put the tile up. It really turned out great making this area really stand out.



As you can see, our portfolio is constantly growing, which signals the fact that we are a business that is consistent, conscientious and customer service focused. Be sure to check out the Five Star review of this project on our Google review profile and I wish you calm seas on your next remodeling project.