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Brinno Time Lapse camera initial review.

I purchased a new time lapse camera today and I'm having a blast experimenting with it. Let me be up front with you, It's a ton of work to do content marketing! I'm talking about taking photos, making videos, how to's, doing commentary...Why do you think not many companies do it so well if at all? Imagine the effort involved in messing with cameras, getting the right shots, hours of editing and the struggle of making your content into something people want to read/watch. Now imagine doing that with water and thin set on your hands, focusing on your tile lay out and proper installation practices and interacting with clients... It's tough to work and create content at the same time!

This Brinno TLC200 Pro seems to be the solution to this problem. It's a set it and forget it type of tool. Say it with me, "Set it and forget it!" What's not to like? 

My inspiration for the purchase was a pole barn builder from the Midwest I follow on Instagram @RRbuildings. He builds these barns and uses this time lapse camera to catch all the action. He has a considerable following and his reviews are on point, so check him out! He's my hero because he's changing the game by providing tons of content of his work so there's no mysteries!

Another killer aspect of this tool is its simplicity of use. I took the footage today and made the video this evening. Not complicated at all! It runs about $128 too, so if it's destroyed or lost on the job site it's not a huge loss. Not to mention it's an improvement on just using your phone or GoPro for time lapse because the batteries last for weeks. I used it all day and I'm still at full power. I like it so far, but the real test is a year or two down the road. Let's see what kind of content I can produce with this thing!

Here's my first try...

Click the link below if you want to try one for yourself.