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Why we use tables for work platforms (& why you should too!)

I'm one of those guys that loves to watch how other builders do things. Something I constantly see out in the field is guys working off the ground. I see them set up their saws on the ground, their hole drills on the ground and I wonder...isn't that uncomfortable for them? I had to drag Jason along kicking and screaming...but I'm one of those guys who enjoys comfort when I work and now we always set up tables to put our tools on and work from. Not only is it better on our tools (from which our living is made) but it also better on our bodies. A lot of things we do is to lengthen our career longevity and using work platforms will do that, for sure.

Now use your imagination and think of a day filled with using your saw or a score and snap. Hundreds of cuts a day. Now imagine that every time you have to use your cutting utensil you have to get up and down off of your knees to do so. That line of thought just doesn't make sense to me. We already beat ourselves up everyday, why add more unnecessary pain to the process. Now the counter argument is that you have to carry a work platform with you and carry it to the jobsite. To me, this a small price to pay to work like a king instead of working like a caveman.

Every time I arrive on a job, I set up my saw and a work platform right next to it. I mean the thing is designed for space efficiency and it makes a great spot to set your towels to dry your tile after a cut, a great spot to cut holes in the tile, and a spot to perform any other task necessary for the job....STANDING! I'm always thinking of convenience because we have all heard the saying "time is money" and even more so any discomfort is going to take away from the quality of the finished product.

Keep your eyes open for the this on the job site....It's always something I giggle at when I see the poor worker up and down off of his knees when that transition doesn't have to be done. Heck, if you want exercise do some burpees, because that's what they're doing working from the ground! Notice the comfort in which we work below:

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