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Wrapped vs. Mirrored corners: What does that mean?

Ah, the everlasting question! Mirrored or wrapped.

I want YOU to decide, because ultimately it is personal preference and it is YOUR shower, so YOU should make the decision rather than leaving it up to us. Mind you, sometimes we have to do what works best for the lay out, trying to minimize small pieces, but if it is possible I like to let my customer have the final word.

Hypothetically, if you are working with a 12” tile and your corner tile works out to be 8” on one wall, the corner tile on the corresponding wall will be 4” to give the illusion of the 12” tile “wrapping” around the corner.

If you want to “mirror” the corner, if the tile in the corner works out to be an 8” tile, the corner tile on the corresponding wall will be 8” to “mirror” the corner tile next to it.

A small detail, and very esoteric, but something to pay attention to. I’ve illustrated photos below to help visualize. Neither one is right or wrong, better or worse. Just personal preference.

Wrapped Corners:


Mirrored Corners:


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