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Check out my two recent guest posts!

I had a lot of fun putting together a couple pieces of content for the NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) and the DIY Tile Guy.

My NTCA (National Tile Contractors Association) blog post is titled, “10 tips for a tile apprentice to get to the top”. On this one I thought I’d write out some hard fought lessons I’ve learned through out my journey as a tile guy. I’m hopeful these pointers will be useful to a young person starting out in the tile business.

Click Here to read my National Tile Contractors Association Article.

I made this video and blog post for the DIY Tile Guy. I have liked his website for a very long time. I’m thrilled to have contributed and it was really exciting to have the opportunity to put this together.. My tip will be invaluable to a Do-it-yourselfer.

His blog contains a load of great information and will be helpful and informative to a homeowner and DIY person alike. If you care about how your project is built, his site is a great resource to figure out how things are supposed to be done!

Check out his excellent blog at DIYTILEGUY.com

Click here to visit my guest blog post!

Have a look at my tile tip video!

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