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Have a look-see at my newest Tile Money guest post!

I endorse Tile Money because I believe the highest good is helping others with good paying work.. Not charity, not hand outs….but a career that pays a living wage. A wage to grow a family, pay taxes, set up a retirement account, get health insurance, take a vacation, send the kids to summer camp. That’s why businessmen have traditionally received the utmost respect and reverence in our society.. I know that respect has waned considerably, but what can I say, I’m a throw back! I still yearn to be one of those guys handing out the Christmas turkeys. The truth is, the only way that’s going to happen is if we can take in the money necessary to grow, not just scrape by and survive.

Tile is a great career, but we need to get educated on portraying its true worth. Many tile guys, with their immense talent and hard working nature, are under paid and under appreciated and are dismissed as simply ‘labor monkeys’.

I want that to stop. Today.

Let me note the two calls today about leaky showers. At least one a week about shoddy tile work. This trade is skilled work, it’s worth every penny of what you pay. Don’t believe me? Ask the people that need to pay twice! Not just money, but time and inconvenience and if they’re not careful, they’ll get ripped off by the “fixers”!

It’s as simple as this: People with good character, WINNERS will not become tradesmen if they will not be paid well. Upstanding men won’t stay in this field if they can’t get paid. So, you will be left with the bottom feeders of society working on your home. Straight talk!

I believe we can elevate this trade and I’m putting my money where my mouth is and participating in a MOVEMENT. Mark my words, this isn’t a podcast….THIS IS A MOVEMENT. At the end of the day, it will only HELP you as a homeowner….because you’ll get better work and better people will be doing the work.

I thank you for not only supporting me now, but supporting the dreams and the future of my children.

So, do be a favor and share the Tile Money podcast and this blog post to other tile installers if you believe in fair pay for an honest days work.

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