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Is your shower a toxic swamp?

It’s nutty to think about some of our recent bathroom tear outs. We start these jobs and as we look at a dated, but otherwise clean looking shower…once we take it apart the utter horrors underneath are enough to write home about.

You’ve seen these tub surrounds or showers, maybe you even have one. White, ceramic 4”x 4” tile. It has caulking that has been done 100 times over the years. The shower looks clean enough. The people who own the home are hygienic and orderly…Little do they know that behind the wall of that shower is a toxic swamp of moisture and mold.

We take it apart and deliver it to the dump and no one is the wiser, but I often think, every bathroom in the neighborhood is like this!

I was thinking about my role as a bathroom re-modeler, watch the video below to hear a recent musing about what motivates us:

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