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The number one piece of advice I can offer if you have a leaky shower.

My main intention with this blog is to provide value for all interested parties. Today’s advice is a real humdinger because, in my experience, it’s surprising how many people don’t think of it.

So you have a a leaky shower, your first call is to a tile company or re-modeler to see about getting it fixed. Instead of making that call, I want you to make a call to your home insurance provider. Find out what their policies are, get the tear out done, and have an adjuster come out to see the extent of the damage. This is traditionally our first recommendation to our clients who call us for leaky showers. Why not? You pay for the insurance for moments like an unexpected leak.

You may say, “Impossible, insurance doesn’t pay for shower leaks.” Well, I’m here to tell you that a hand full of our clients this year have been able to attain a significant amount of money towards their bathroom remodel from insurance. It’s not a sure thing, because each company has different standards and practices, but more than likely you’ll get a small chunk towards paying for the damage.

It’s difficult to get modern humanity to read, but if you have a leaky shower and you read this blog post…your curiosity could really pay off!

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