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Another excellent tile bathroom in Kennesaw, GA

Our latest bathroom remodel in Kennesaw, GA was a real doozy. A dual bathroom remodel in the same house. Incredible clients. High end work and we are very proud of it. The downstairs shower had a tileable linear drain, and we custom made the shower pan tile. VERY large tile inside the shower and Jason was able to make these walls nice and flat for a small grout line and a lip free tile installation. Our plumber really did a great job putting in this large fixture! I love the sleek, cleaning looking soap niche, which really puts a great touch on this shower. Not to mention the natural light from the window, edged with Schluter Quadec profiles. The floor is a 12"x24" tile from Tile House in Marietta. Cindy, again providing excellent design service and consultation for the outstanding owners of this home.


A small improvement! I love the before and after!

A small improvement! I love the before and after!

A sleek inset box edged with Schluter Quadec profiles.

A sleek inset box edged with Schluter Quadec profiles.

20170918_091810_wm (2).jpg

The upstairs bathroom was also a design gem. The bathroom floor was a flat finish 12"x24 porcelain tile that looks like natural stone. To contrast the floor the two inside walls were a gloss 12"x24" porcelain of the same line. What a great detail! The back tub surround wall was a handmade mosaic as an accent! Again, a sleek, large inset box for all their soap needs.

Our plumber also installed this luxury bathtub and we edged the floor with a tile trim topped off with Quadec profiles. Very sharp!

These were a couple of nice jobs for a couple of people that we really enjoy working for. There are more projects in this home that we will be completing and we completed the tile in Bob's daughters house as well. 

During the time of this remodel I added a new member to my family. Baby Rosalie Maria Santos was born on September 10th, 2017 and Bob, the owner of this home, made her a great welcome gift that I was so excited and happy to receive. He is an excellent wood worker and quite capable. He is a true artist and the fact that we pleased him with our work really means a lot to us.

Now let me be a proud papa here a little bit....


Baby Rosie.

Baby Rosie.

Look at that cutie!

Look at that cutie!

Look at this incredible train set Bob made me! Homemade gifts are the best. Especially from a talented person!

Look at this incredible train set Bob made me! Homemade gifts are the best. Especially from a talented person!

He even made a gift for Jaiden's birthday! His wooden art is incredible as well!

He even made a gift for Jaiden's birthday! His wooden art is incredible as well!

Call us today for a superior bathroom remodeling experience. You will be happy you did!

An East Cobb bathroom remodel coming together for the finish.

This is a wonderful job filled with natural stone tile work in East Cobb, GA. My client Anne was certainly a design centered client who wanted a high end finished product. Again, a homeowner who was cautious about who she hired due to a history of backwards, basic, minimum standard workers who would leave her high and dry with a finished product she didn't love. So, Hamilton Tile came in and gave her what she deserved and left her feeling like she made the right decision.

We start with the guest bath floor which was a real gem. There was an extreme amount of prep to get this floor flat enough for a large format tile. It dropped two feet in front of the tub by as much as a 1/2". What a caddy wampus setup! Again, workers during new construction casting aside all the rules and putting something together that workers in the future would curse them for! (under my breath of course)

We went in with a 12x24 natural stone tile, 1/3rd offset with a small grout joint. With tile trim around the perimeter. We used silicone to caulk all of the plane changes, (wall to floor, tub to floor) and a high grade Prizm grout. (oyster grey.) We went ahead and sealed it for good measure! Of course there is carpet in the other room, so an important factor with a tile install is, will your tile installer unite the carpet with the new tile? It's an important question to ask because not all tile installers will. It requires that we put on our carpet guy hat, bust out the carpet kicker, carpet trimmer and tack strip and go to town. It's all about the details and putting the carpet back together is what we mean when we say "full service."




After I had completed the floor, Anne alerted me that I did a great job by offering me another job in the same bathroom. She wanted some artisan tile work done around the mirror. This job was a bit more complex because it required extensive consultation and planning. This part of a tile job is what we pride ourselves on. The fact that you can sit down with us,  tell us what you want and we can verbalize the pros and cons and what to watch out for is invaluable. We decided how the artisan tile would install around the mirror, discussed the positioning of the mirror, managed expectations, laid everything out and after the mirror was installed we put the tile up. It really turned out great making this area really stand out.



As you can see, our portfolio is constantly growing, which signals the fact that we are a business that is consistent, conscientious and customer service focused. Be sure to check out the Five Star review of this project on our Google review profile and I wish you calm seas on your next remodeling project.

Our latest finished tile bathrooms around the Atlanta area.

We have been very busy lately!. There is no doubt we are finishers, taking these projects from ideas to reality.


This tub surround is an interesting piece in Sandy Springs, GA. I like this one because it takes a traditional subway tile, but instead of white, they decided to go with gray. The floor in this area are 12"x24" porcelain tile. Looks a lot like natural stone though, doesn't it? That's the beauty...the look of natural stone...without the maintenance!


This full tile shower in Sandy Springs, GA was a very interesting project. It has traditional slate tile on the floor, which isn't my favorite to work with...actually I despise it because of the different thickness, sizes and variation in the tile, but let's face it....I'm not paid for my opinion. Let me say this...When you're a person like me who goes for flat, and smooth to the touch when installing tile....a slate project makes for a frustrating day.

Inside the shower was a 4"x4" white subway brick set with kerdi bar edging. They added a corner bench and Fusion pro single component grout for a maintenance free install. Only an interior designer could come up with a combination like this! Visit her website at www.heatherfulkersoninteriors.com.


This tile tub surround is in Johns Creek, GA and these folks were going all out renovating the inside and outside of their home. Simple subway tile tub surround.  All the way to the ceiling with the tile to show we are serious.


This tile tub surround was located in Milton, GA. I really enjoyed installing this Arabesque floor and I was very happy with how it turned out. This tile was purchased from Floor and Décor which can be hit or miss, but the arabesque tile was packaged so meticulously, it was a breeze to install. A word about mosaics, the storage and shipping of this type of tile is of the utmost importance. Having it stored flat, and packaged securely (temperature controlled) makes it so the tile (which is glued to a mesh) does not get distorted which makes the sheets impossible to fit together with consistent grout lines. This stuff was packed on cardboard and wrapped in plastic and it even had directions and manufacturer information on the package. This is outside the character of floor and décor, but I like it!

Simple 3"x6" tile on the walls...again up to the ceiling to signal saving $20 isn't more important than producing a high end finished product.


Finally this natural stone center piece in Roswell, GA. This one was a designer piece with Hexagon tiles on the floor. I went off a drawing on this one and brought it in for the win. We have a natural stone on the walls brick set as well. A little bit more money put into this install but a stone product really screams wealth, prosperity and most importantly longevity.

The best bathroom remodel in Marietta, GA

Back again with another tile update from Hamilton Tile! This bathroom for the Mayhew's in Marietta, GA was a tile emergency. Their previous shower was built so incorrectly it leaked to the point of rotting out their house. The old shower was your basic, builder grade, minimum standard, blowout special that we see so often:


So, looking at the photos can you understand why I'm so hard on builders? This is why when you find a good builder you should keep him around. It's not as if they don't know that a shower has to be water proof, a shower sees more water per year than your roof...A LOT MORE. Shoddy building all over Atlanta creates a living for us, but this degree of obsolescence is unethical. Many builders are just plain shady. There I said it!  This is why I put this information out there, because ultimately when hiring a contractor you have to watch out for yourself! If the price seems to low, it probably is. If your contractor can't tell you why he does things, he probably doesn't know. If he doesn't cite ANSI or TCNA standards...He probably doesn't care and he's making it up as he goes..

This shower leaked enough to rot out this engineered beam. It could have been much much worse than this. We ended up doing some creative framing and plating the beam with 2x10's. You can see the mold and the damage this improperly built shower perpetrated. It had no pre-slope and the tile was set directly to sheet rock. It was a real GEM!

Nothing we couldn't handle:

In this video we get to putting things back together....Not below standard, or minimum standards...but LIFETIME standards. Schluter Systems, Trade school graduate, 20+ years experience.


We ended up eliminating the tub and building a wall for the fixtures. Notice the cleanliness, getting a high end finished product starts with the basics that we learned in shop class. Keep your space clean and organized, that way your customer is happy and you get to keep all your fingers and toes because you're going to have an accident free job.

I see many of the 'pros' using ledger boards for their first row...Here's a note, If you're pan is level all the way around from the start...you don't have to cut your bottom row of tile. They all go up the same size all the way around.

Using a leveling system for large format helps get a lip free install! The leveling system is the green wedges you see in the photo. You embed a clip in the thin set under the tile and insert a wedge to pull everything flat.

A big difference from start to finish. This was a rewarding job for us not only because we're pursuing a passion but because we got to work with people that were invested more than monetarily in their project. We had done work in this house previously and from the start of this job the Mayhew's were involved and excited. Just the fact that they visited this website makes all the work I do on it worth it. Some guys dread working around intrigued clients, mostly because their work is not above board. We love the engineer types because they care as much as we do which adds a whole other level of satisfaction. Like we always say: "If you care about how your project is built, WE WANT TO WORK FOR YOU!" Thanks to the Mayhew's for having us.

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New to video making, but it adds a new wrinkle so you can really get a taste of what we do. I'm sure the hundredth one will be ready for Sundance. As Scott Adams says, it pays to have a good talent stack and videos are now just another piece to the puzzle. Enjoy!