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Subway tile in your shower, think about your curb!

Subway tile can look incredible when your installer uses the little details that come along with professionalism. A lot of curbs I see have a full piece at the front of the curb and a small sliver where it meets the floor. Often time, people will want their curb top trimmed with bull nose which adds a lot of different pieces and many different grout joints. I am opposed to that because of the amount of action the top of your curb sees. That's where your shower door will sit and a ton of water will be hitting that spot, so I want as few pieces as possible!

The best option is a hard surface curb (like a piece of granite) but when you may be on a budget or a time crunch, I believe the best option are White Schluter PVC profiles as edging. I also plan ahead and cut the curb to size so there are full pieces on top of the curb. For the front of the curb, instead of a sliver at the bottom where the curb meets the floor, I'll split the distance and use two full pieces.

Doing this takes PLANNING! That's why I always say a good tile guy thinks 10 steps ahead and 20 years in the future....



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