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Better safe than sorry...Flood test your shower!

So, you weren't able to hire us for your big shower build. You weren't willing to wait three months for the craftsmen, the specialists at Hamilton Tile.  You had another one of those "tile emergencies" we always hear about... That's fine, but be sure to have the alternative company building your shower do a flood test!

A flood test is when after all the waterproofing is done, you fill the shower pan with a couple inches of water, take a measurement or make a mark, and wait. After 24 hours retake the measurement and see if the level remained the same. Simple as that!

Why do a flood test? The reality is, you shouldn't go backwards once tile work is done. Better safe than sorry, before any tile is set, find out if your pan holds water...

We like to take an opportunity to have some fun and do a photo shoot with floating toys as verification for our customers. This flood test day isn't necessarily expedient for a tile guy, so it often gets skipped. At Hamilton Tile, we do what is in our customers best interest, not what is easiest for us! We've never had a leak, (knock on wood) but you never know!

Hold your installer accountable, be proactive....MAKE THEM DO A FLOOD TEST!


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