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If you put quality first, you'll never lose and other updates.

It's quite difficult for us to book tile floors. It's more than likely because our prices are not competitive compared to the basic builder grade special. To do a floor to a high level, to a lasting finish...the most important aspect is before any tile is even set. Our prices are higher than the competition because of the amount of time we put into floor preparation. Making sure old finishes are ground off, making sure everything is flat. In this particular video we put an uncoupling mat down as a crack suppression. I have to say 80% of companies would have installed right over the concrete. Our business model is long term though, so we're going for 50 years down the road. Let's face it, you pay for that.

My main message to you while you watch this video is, if you've seen tile work done before, do you notice a difference? I could sit here and with skillful rhetoric have you believing wow, those guys are the best there ever will be! That's not what I'm trying to do on this web site. Our world is full of empty words and slogans...I want you to see it with your own eyes and convince yourself. My favorite customer remains the one who takes in some of our content and decides to take the plunge with us! One of my very first qualification questions when people call me is, "Have you researched my company?" It's almost a signal that that particular person cares, and a weight is off my shoulders and they've invested some brain power into the process. A client like that, we can work with!

So, thanks for being here....I value that fact that you've chosen to put some mental juice into your project ----and I want to be the guy who builds you a lasting, beautiful space.

I also received my CTI certification. It was a 9 hours hands on test and I failed it the first time! The first time around I was over 300lbs. Put on a lot of weight during my wife's pregnancy and my body and mind just couldn't hack the brutal test! So I lost 50lbs with the help of Cross Fit 3 days a week and a healthy diet ---and passed it my second go around.

In the tile world this certification is a big deal. There are only 1500 certified tile installers in the whole United States. The hands on test is extremely difficult, not to mention the extensive written test as well. It's a huge accomplishment for me and one that I am very proud of. I could have just gave up the first time, but I chose to come back and try it again. 

We're trying to separate ourselves from the pack. I want credibility in this business, I want people to know they're dealing with a serious tradesman and not a basic laborer. There are a lot of the basics in this business and it hurts us all...I'm hoping to see the tradesmen valued again, like a doctor or a lawyer, because we are quite rare in a throw away world, in a "just get it done" world. 




We are both certified, ask the competition --- "Are you certified?" 

Learn more about the Ceramic Education Foundation and what it means to you by click HERE.


Here's a hot take from my Twitter account where I'm constantly posting about the trials and tribulations of a professional tile guy. If you're a trades person, you know what I'm talking about with this post!



We all have heroes in life ---My tile hero is a local guy named Kris Nardone. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @k_nardonecustomtilework . This guy is the real deal! Visit his website at knardonecustomtilework.weebly.com/ He's a fellow certified tile installer and if all tile installers were like him, it'd be a better industry. Guy inspires me! Here's a picture of me wearing his hat in the Smokey Mountains! I'm a bit of a fan! :P



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